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The PX-716UF DVD DVD±R/RW external IEEE 1394 and Hi-Speed USB drive from Plextor® offers all the advantages of our legendary CD-RW drives. Along with double layer and dual format capabilities, the PX-716UF is also supported by Intelligent Recording technology to enhance your recording activities.

The drive achives blazing fast 16X CAV performance on recommended 8X DVD+R media, and burns a 4.7GB DVD in less than six minutes, the drive also supports dual-layer DVD media, enabling users to burn up to four hours of high-quality.

Plextor Software Bundle

For Windows®:
Plextools® Professional
software allows you to control powerful functions with an easy-to-use interface and includes Plextor premium features for SilentMode, GigaRec, VariRec, Q-Check and SecureRecording.

Roxio® Easy Media Creator™ 7 DVD Basic Edition** is an award winning software suite which combines full-featured photo, video, music, burning, and authoring applications for the PC.

Dantz Retrospect® (30-day trial version) helps you back up important data against loss due to viruses, newly installed software, user error and damaged hardware.

For Macintosh®:
Roxio Toast® 6 Lite***
is an easy-to-use DVD and Cd burning software that enables you to create, organize, share music, video, photos and data on CDs and DVDs.

*Enabled by PlexTools Professional only **Support Windows 2000/XP only **Support DVD video authoring and requires Mac OS 10.2 or above







Total Solution Features
Part # (retail kit): PX-716UF/SW (External)

Double layer allows you to record up to 4 hours of high-quality MPEG-2/DVD video on a 8.5 GB disc
Intelligent Recording Technology supported for recording at high-quality and optimum speed
AUTOSTRATEGY Writing technology for unknown media with uneven quality.
Intelligent Tilt™ Precise laser control via liquid crystal and three-dimensional tilt adjustment for uneven disc surfaces.
PoweRec technology is a sophisticated write strategy providing superior quality recording at maximum speed for your chosen media
Buffer Underrun Proof Technology prevents buffer underrun errors
Buffer Memory - 8MB
Achieves 16x write performance with recommended 8x DVD±R media
Support DVD+RW background format
Support DVD±VR format for direct disc recording
Horizontal or vertical mounting orientation
OS Support - Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP™
Mac OS 9.1 or above
One-year full warranty (parts and labor)

Minimum Systems Requirements

CPU: Pentium® 4 1.4GHZ (minimum)
HDD 800 MB - 1 GB free space for copying CD to CD image

10 GB-10 GB free space for DVD authoring
RAM 256 MB
Monitor Display Resoution 1024 X 768 at 16-bit color

OS Support - Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP™
Mac OS 9.1 or above

Interface: Dual IEEE 1394 and Hi-Speed USB
Data Transfer Rate CAV, PCAV, CLV write/ CAV read and CLV Read
Sustained Read/Write Speeds DVD 16X (read/write) 9.28 - 22.16 MB/sec
  12X (read/write) 8.31 - 16.62 MB/sec(write)
6.92 - 16.62 MB/sec(read)
  8X (read/write) 8.31 - 11.08 MB/sec(write)
4.70 - 11.08 MB/sec(read)
  6X (write only) 8.31 MB/sec
  5X (read only) 2.90 - 6.92 MB/sec
  4X (write only) 5.54MB/sec
  2.4X (write only) 3.32 MB/sec
  2X (read/write) 2.77 MB/sec
  1X (write only) 1.38 MB/sec
Sustained Read/Write Speeds CD 48X (read/write) 3.18 - 7.2 MB/sec
  40X (read/write) 6.0 MB/sec
  32X (read/write) 3.18 - 4.8 MB/sec(write)
2.17 - 4.8 MB/sec(read)
  24X (read/write) 3 - 3.6 MB/sec
  16X (write only) 2.4 MB/sec
  10X (write only) 1.5 MB/sec
  4X (read/rewrite/write) 600 KB/sec
Burst Read/Write USB 1.1/ USB 2.0/ IEEE 1394 12 Mbps / 480 Mbps/ 400 Mmps (Max)
Typical CD Random Access <100 MS Typical DVD Random Access <150 MS
Buffer 8 MB
Error Rate Mode 1: block/10^12 bits
Mode 2: block/10^9 bits

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